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The bespoke order process

The bespoke shoemaking process is an exacting and lengthy process, that involve a number of steps to ultimately handcraft a personalised pair of shoes, made to the customer's aesthetic desires and their exact measurements. The entire process on average takes 8-12 weeks, depending on demand and workload.

Initial consultation & measurement

The first step is to organise an initial consultation to discuss our process. We sit down with you to design the unique style of shoe or boot you envision, starting with selecting the upper leather and then lastly the sole material, as well as your fitting preferences, such as any issues you may have with current shoes, or your feet in general. We proceed to measure your feet, examining the shape and features of each foot in order to craft a pair of lasts around which your shoes will be made. We take a 50% deposit once all the measurements are complete and you have confirmed you wish to proceed with the order.

Trial fitting

Following the initial consultation and measurement, we craft a unique set of lasts to the measurements of your feet and construct a trial shoe. Using the trial shoe, we conduct a first fitting a few weeks after the initial consultation, to check the fit, as well as last shape and make any necessary adjustments before we make the final pair. Sometimes a second trial fitting is necessary if major adjustments are needed to the original last.

Final Fitting

The final fitting is when you get to try on the finished pair for the first time, if no adjustments are needed, the remainder of the bill is settled and your shoes are ready to take home.


Starting from $2500

- Norvegese / Norwegian

Starting from $2800

- Tirolese / Storm Welt

Starting from $2900

*The price list above is a base price for each construction type, additional costs may apply, e.g., the varying costs of different leather types.

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